Presentations, Papers, Videos, Photos from the XV AMASC World Congress 6-9 November 2014
  1. 1.- Videos

    2.- Papers and greetings presented at the Congress:
    2.1 Greetings from Kathleen Conan, rscj
    2.2 Welcome by President of Arizona Alumnae/ iAssociation
    2.3 Keynote Speaker Sr Kathleen Hughes, rscj - Presentation and PowerPointPresentation
  2. 2.4 Speaker George Coyne SJ - Presentation and PowerPointPresentation
  3. 2.5 Report by Pam Snyder 2010-2014 AMASC President
  4. 2.6 End of day Reflections by Shirley Miller, rscj
  5. 2.7 Strategic Planning Session with Madeleine Ortman
  6. 2.8 Presentation of Call Me Back by Reyna González, rscj
  7. 2.9 Presentation and PowerPPointPresentation of Healthy Waters Global Initiative of RSCJ
  8. 2.10 Acceptance and Opening Speech by Marisa Moreno del Malcher, AMASC President 2014-2018

    3.- Check here for the Study Plan by JASH (Japan Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart)
    4.- Photos (photos will be posted as soon as possible)

1.- WELCOME by Pamela Snyder, AMASC President; some Alumnae and Sister K Conan Superior General of the RSCJs

Welcome to Phoenix by Pamela Snyder
and some alumnae
Read the talk of Sister K Conan RSCJ
Anne de Broglio - Coordinator Australia/New Zealand
Paola del Prete - Coordinator Europe
Rosana Barbosa - Coordinator Latin America
Powerpoint Presentation - click here

June Russell Donavan - Coordinator North America
Written report - click here

Lynette Saldanha - Coordinator Asia
Powerpoint Report - click here

Pamela Snyder - AMASC World President
Claudia Nicolaije - Coordinator Young AMASC

Madeleine Ortman - Strategic Planning 'Future of AMASC'
PowerPoint Presentation - click here

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