AMASC Directional Statements

AMASC Directional Statement articulated at the XII AMASC Congress in Sydney, Australia in 2002.

Believing that everyone has a right to a life of dignity and that everyone has an eternal destiny, we place ourselves at the service of our sisters and borthers, in order to create a more just and cohesive world community. We affirm that women are the natural artisans of peace, having an instinct for choosing life.
We offer this service:
- as ordinary people who can change the world, remembering that the longest journey begins with the first step
- by listening to the expression of differing viewpoints, searching for the truth and stucturing creative responses
- by seeking for reconciliation that challenges us to acknowledge our own prejudices, and to reach out to those who are different from us in a spirit of bridge-building
- by living out our values at all levels of business and professional life, balancing the claims of work and family commitments

We will strive to strengthen collaboration within and among local Associations, national Associations and AMASC, and with the Society of the Sacred Heart.
We will strengthen collaboration also with other organisations having similar objectives (eg WUCWO and OMAEC)
- through the mutuality of friendships
-through common projects
-through support for the United Nations Convention on Human Rights. We ask the AMASC Board to encourage national Associations to work towards ensuring that their governments apply these Conventions in all national and international corporate operations and affairs, and to alert its national constituents to human rights violations and unjust practices
-through the AMASC Board putting in place formal structures to communicate directly with the Sophia Commission and disseminating information regarding the work of this Commission to all its national constitutents
-by encouraging our membership to take a proactive stand in working towards a greater participation for women in the Church and in representing this concern for the promotion of women's role in the Church through appropriate Church structures

We will strive to maintain and develop communication among the memberships
- through an up-to-date website
-through the contribution of individuals and local and national groups to the website
-through the sharing of stories through the website
-through the strengthening continued participation by our young alumnae
-through inviting our alumni to be part of our international alumnae/i community
-through AMASC encouraging national constituencies to establish a formal local networking/mentoring programme amongst its alumnae/i with the possibility that this may lead to an international mentoring network

To strive to live a spirituality of the heart
-through contemplating the loving and compassionalte Heart of Jesus in the Gospels
-by nourishing our faith through participating in adult faith formation programmes, study8ing the Scriptures, reading books on contemporary spirituality
-by allowing ourselves to be touched by the misery and suffering of our sisters and brothers
-by responding to this suffering as appropriate through listening, showing empathy, reaching out, and taking steps towards reconciling ourselves with our world.