1958 - 2002

Foreward by
Trish Burns AM
Congress Resolutions
Emeritae Members


September 6 - 7, 1958: The 1st World Assembly of Alumnae of the Sacred Heart is held in Brussels, owing to the initiative of Maria van Mierlo from the Netherlands. It is hosted and chaired by Mère de la Vauzelle, during the Universal Expo held in Belgium. THEME: "The Mission

May 9 - 12, 1960: 2nd World Assembly is held in Rome at the invitation of the then Mother General, Reverend Mother de Valon. The meeting is hosted and chaired by Marchesa Theodoli and is attended by 2000 Alumnae from twenty nine countries. THEME: "The Family".

May 10 - 15, 1965: An International Congress is held in commemoration of the centenary of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat's death, chaired by Baroness Marguerite Coppee in Brussels. THEME: "Our Getting into the Marching Church".
At the Congress, Valentine van Zeebroek proposes to constitute a World Association of Sacred Heart Alumnae naming it AMASC. The proposal is ratified and Baroness Coppee is requested to become an "ad interim" President.

May 23 - 26, 1966 : 1 st International Council (a meeting of National Presidents) In Rome. On May 24, AMASC officially comes into being and Baroness Coppee [Belgium] is elected President. On May 25, AMASC applies for membership to UMOFC/WUCWO. On February 1967, Baroness Coppee tragically dies in a shipwreck.

October 25 - 27, 1967: 2nd AMASC International Council(extraordinary) In Brussels.
Elections: President: Maria Ignacia Areyzaga [Spain]
1968 First AMASC Bulletin published in Spain in French, English & Spanish.
President and Vice President visit Dublin and London and meet with the Alumnae from Hungary and Poland in exile.
Visit to the new Superior General, Rev. Mother Bulto in Rome to discuss the new orientations of the Society and the future of AMASC.
President and AMASC Delegate are invited to a Board Meeting of UMOFC/ WUCWO in Rome.
1969 President and Board Members attend the Biennial Conference of AASH in New Orleans and visit many Convents of the Sacred Heart making contact for the first time with the Alumnae of Canada and the USA.
AMASC represented at an OMAEEC meeting in Rome.

April 23 - 26, 1970 :  3rd AMASC Council and Congress
In Madrid, THEME: "Alumnae and the World Today - Alumnae and the Sacred Heart Society - Alumnae and the Future"
President: Maria Ignacia Areyzaga [Spain]
At the Council Meeting: Updating of Constitution approved. AMASC becomes a full member of OMAEEC.
President and Board Members attend  ASCA Conference in Australia,  then visit New Zealand, Japan and Formosa [Taiwan].
AMASC delegation officially invited by Rev. Mother General to be present at some sessions of the Chapter of the Society. Mother Concepcion Camacho is elected the new Superior General.
OMAEEC Meeting attended by President at Frascati.
1971 Invitation from Rev. Mother Camacho in Rome to discuss possibilities of collaboration between the Society and the Alumnae. At the suggestion of Reverend Mother Camacho, an Ad Hoe Commission is created to revise the AMASC Constitution to allow more freedom in working in the Church and in the present day world.
The President attends the first meeting of Latin American Alumnae [ELASC] in Colombia, and also visits Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Peru.
AMASC represented at OMAEC General Meeting in Rome / WUCWO m Chantilly.

January 30 - February  5,1972: 4th   AMASC Council and Congress In Mallorca, Spain.
THEME: "If You Want Peace, Work for Justice"
President: Maria Ignacia Areyzaga, re-elected for two more years
Councillor  Delegates:         Patricia Horsley  [Australia] Margaret McLaughlin  [USA]
Beatriz Restrepo [Colombia] Maeve St John [Ireland]
Maria Van Mierlo [Netherlands]
Permanent Liaison with Mother House: Filomena Luciani [Italy]
Exceptional and transitory measures submitted and unanimously approved at the Council Meeting.
AMASC represented at meetings of OMAEEC and UMOFC/WUCWO.
President attends EXASAC Meeting in Mexico and also visits Canada and Cuba in
Exile inMiami.

1973  AMASC represented at meetings of OMAEEC and UMOFC/WUCWO. President attends the AASH Conference in San Francisco, then visits Mexico to discuss the forthcoming Council Meeting to be held there.
President visits Poland to meet the religious and alumnae.

February 18 - 24, 1974:5th  AMASC Council and Congress In Mexico City. THEME: "To be Protagonists of the Change"
Elections: President: Patricia Horsley [Australia] Advisers:Evelina Codacci [Italy] Miriam Gray [USA] Sadako Ogata Japan]
Gabriel Rabasa de Robina [Mexico] Beatriz Restrepo [Colombia] Sabine Van der Plancke [Belgium]
Liaison to Central RSCJ Team: Filomena Luciani [Italy] Approval of new Constitution and By-Laws by National Presidents.
Vote of unity with the RSCJs - collaboration of alumnae and RSCJs.
The new President visits Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba in Exile, Puerto Rico, Mexico and New Zealand on the way back to Australia.
1975 Golden Jubilee of canonization of St. Madeleine Sophie,
International Women's Year, and Holy Year. OMAEEC General Assembly in Rome. A Holy Pilgrimage and a gathering of European and American alumnae takes place in Rome with Rev. Mother Camacho addressing the  assembly.
President travels extensively to meet the RSCJs and Alumnae of Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Holland, Belgium, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the USA, Cuba in Miami, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile and New Zealand.
1976 A group of alumnae are invited by the Central Team to address the RSCJs at the General Chapter of the Society in Rome. A delegation of alumnae representing 12 nations is entrusted to evaluate and comment on the Chapter's central document.
From Rome, the President visits Spain, Scotland, England, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines.
1977   Increased travel costs make it impossible for the 1978 AMASC Council Meeting to be held in Australia. The Irish President and her Association, AASHI, agree to host the Meeting in Dublin with restricted numbers.
The Ad Hoe Committee again updates the AMASC Constitution to suit the times.

July  27  - 29,  1978:  6th   AMASC Council  (National  Associationn  Presidents  with AMASC Board)  InDublin.            THEME:"Living  our faith Today".
Updating of Constitution and By-Laws.
Elections: President:Miriam Grey [USA]
Advisors:Reiko Kobori Uapan]
Pat  Lewin    [Australia],  deceased,  replaced by  Trish  Burns [Australia]
Sally O'Kelly [Ireland] replaced by Maebh Lennon [Ireland] Carmen Romano de Marin [Spain]
Mariana Ulloa de Baena [Colombia] Sabine Van der Placke [Belgium]
Sr. Ann McElhatton RSCJ [USA]
Permanent Liaison to the Mother House: Francesca Kaucisvili [Italy]
Delegate to UMOFC/ WUCWO: Denise Peeters [Belgium], replaced by Anita  Figileredo [USA]
Delegate to OMAEEC: Maria Ignacia Areyzaga, [Spain] replaced by Carmen Romano [Spain]
Delegate for Human Rights: Patricia Horsley [Australia] Archivist: Filomena Luciani [Italy]

April 20 - 25, 1982: 7th    AMASC  Council and Congress
In San Francisco. THEME: "Our Changing World"
Elections: President:Reiko Kobori Uapan] Advisors:Bibiane Achleitner [Austria] Trish Burns [Australia]
Maebh Lennon Ireland/Belgium] Felicity Rennie [New Zealand] Maryliz Ruhl [USA]
Mariana Ulloa de Baena [Colombia] Sr. Tsuneko Takei RSCJ Uapan]
Permanent Liaison to the Mother House: Francesca Kaucisvili [Italy]
Delegate to UMOFC/WUCWO: Sabine Van der Plackle [Belgium] Delegate to OMAEEC: Carmen Romano de Marin [Spain]
Delegate for Human Rights: Patricia Horsley [Australia] Archivist: Filomena Luciani [Italy
1982 Established a consultative body of AMASC Veterans.
First European Presidents' Meeting held in Milan, Italy. Organised Committee for 8th AMASC Congress.
President's visit to Australian Alumnae Association.

1983       Exchange programme for young members
Visit of Sr. Helen McLaughlin to Japan and to AMASC Executive Team. Second European Presidents' Meeting in Bruges, Belgium.
1984  Maebh Lennon initiated SHOW (S.H. Outreach to the World) in Europe.
Third European Presidents' Meeting in Kilgraston, Scotland.
Presidency meeting in Tokyo and announcing of the lst AMASC International Essay Contest.
1985       President and Team at 25th Conference of USA Alumnae, in Colombia and Mexico. President at Fourth European Presidents' Meeting in Mallorca, Spain also at Latin­ American Presidents' meeting in Bogota, Colombia.

March  16 - 21,1986: 8th AMASC Council and Congress
In Tokyo. THEME: "Intercultural Communication". Updating of Constitution and By-Laws. Elections: President: Beatriz Salazar de Mejia [Colombia], deceased and replaced by Maria Luisa Largacha de Escallon [Colombia]
Advisors: Marichu Aranguren de Rosales [Mexico] Trish Buins [Australia] Pepa Lozano de Ferrer [Spain]
Maria Franca Migone Calvi [Italy] Yoko Nakayama Uapan] Maryliz Ruhl [USA] Sr. Maria Teresa Caicedo RSCJ [Colombia]
Permanent  Liaison to the  Mother  House:  Francesca  Kaucisvili  [Italy] Delegate  to UMOFC/WUCWO: Sabine Van der Plancke [Belgium], replaced by Francesca Kaucisvili [Italy]
Delegate to OMAEEC: Carmen Romano de Marin [Spain] Delegate for Human Rights:Patricia Horsley [Australia]
Archivist: Filomena Luciani [Italy]
1986       Prayer Crusade for Peace.  Contacts with "silent" Associations.
1987       Set up "sister" Associations.
Beatification of Sr. Teresita de los Andes, visit of President and team to Chile, Peru, Argentina,  Uruguay and Brazil Associations.
Hospitality Programme enhancement.
1988       Canonisation of Philippine Duchesne in Rome, with attendance of 6000  alumnae.
Presidency meeting in Rome. Improving Bolsa del Sello.
President's  visit  to  Australia,  New  Zealand,  Japan,  Mexico  and  Costa  Rica Associations.
1989       Bioethic study.
President attends biennial Conference of USA Association. President and team visit Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
President and team visit Malta, Italy, Poland, Austria, Hungary abroad, Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and England. In London Beatriz falls ill and returns to Colombia where she dies on July 14th, 1989.
Maria Luisa Largacha becomes President and with her team decides that because of the political unrest in Colombia the Congress should be held in San Jose de Costa Rica.

May 13 - 18, 1990: 9th AMASC Council and  Congress In San Jose de Costa Rica. THEME: "Routes to Peace" Elections: President:Maria Franca Migone Calvi [Italy] Advisors:Dominique Archambeaud [France]
Camille Farrell [Australia] Elsa Gempeler  [Colombia] Maria del Carmen Gomez Madrazo [Mexico] Yoko Nakayama Uapan]
Josephine Witt [USA] Sr Ippolita Marchetti RSq [Italy] Delegate to Hospitality: Trish Burns [Australia]
Delegate to UMOFC/WUCWO: Francesca Kaucisvili [Italy] Delegate to OMAEEC: Dominique Archambeaud [France] Archivist: Filomena Luiciani [Italy]
1990  Dominique at UMOFC/WUCWO in Strasbourg, France.
President at 25th Anniversary of Austrian Association in Vienna. President and V.President attend UMOFC/WUCWO meeting in Rome. Rita Rizzitelli attends OMAEEC Young Association in Paris.
1991  Trish Burns visits Genoa for Hospitality Network.
President  and  Secretary  General  visit  England,  Scotland,  Canada  and  USA Associations.
President, Dominique and Rita attend OMAEEC Conference in Vienna and then Budapest.
President, Vice President, Sabine, Maria del Carmen, M. L. Kapaya attend UMOFC/WUCWO meeting at Guadalajara, then visit Mexico, Colombia, Peru associations with Elsa.
President, Dominique and organising committee of Tenth AMASC Congress attend the European Presidents' Meeting in Malta.
1992  Presidency Meeting in Genoa.
Dominique and Rita attend OMAEEC Meeting in Venice. President attends European Presidents' Meeting in England.
President, Nicolina Costa and Latin-American Advisers visit Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil Associations.
1993  President and staff visit thirteen local Italian Associations.
President with Amalia, Maria Olga and Yoko visits Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and Japan Associations, then with Amalia, Maria Olga, Camille and Trish visits New Zealand and Australian Associations.
Francesca attends UMOFC/WUCWO meetings in Rome and Paris. President in London at AGM and Memorial Mass for Mary Don.
President in Warsaw and Krakow for 150th anniversary of RSCJs in Poland. President and her team welcome H.I.M. Empress Michiko of Japan at Trinita dei Monti in Rome.
1990-1994, President met Mother General every year.
Eight issues of AMASC Newsletter "Sacred Heart Family in the World" in four languages (French, Spanish, English and Italian), 1500 copies per issue, sent to world alumnae by mail.

May 7 - 13, 1994: 10th AMASC Council and Congress In Genoa. THEME: "Vocation and Vocation".
Updating of Constitution and By-Laws. Elections: President: Maria del Carmen Gomez Madrazo [Mexico]
Advisors: Kumiko Oshima Japan] Delegate for Asia Camille Farrell Australia]
Delegate to UMOFC/WUCWO Maria Olga Pittatore Cassinis [Italy] Delegate to OMAEEC Susanna Lane [USA] Hospitality Chairman Mercedes Alorda de Morell [Spain]Delegate for Young Alumnae/I Elsa Gempeler [Colombia] Delegate for Latin-America Sr Graciela Volpe RSCJ [Mexico] Archivist: Maria Franca Migone Calvi [Italy]
1996 President    attends  UMOFC/WUCWO  Meeting   in  Australia and   meets   the Australian Alumnae
President attends "Focus on Asia", the   first meeting of  Asian  Alumnae representatives in Tokyo, Japan
27 - 30 October, AMASC Presidency Meeting in Mexico
1997 President attends the second Asian Presidents' Meeting in Seoul, Korea
President with Vice President attends the meeting in Belgium for the preparation of "Project 2000" and then visits Sacred Heart Schools in Spain

March 31 - April 4, 1998: 11th AMASC Council and Congress In San Luis Potosi, Mexico. THEME: "Pray and Work". Authorisation to have new Constitution ratified by Belgium Crown to enable AMASC to become a legal entity and authorisation also given to rewrite new By-Laws to the Constitution
Elections: President: Trish Burns [Australia]
Advisors: Dominique Archanbeaud [France] Delegate to OMAEEC (Europe) Charlotte Bardenhewer [Germany]
Responsible for Young Alumnae/i Maria Casabonne de Machiavello, Peru,
Delegate to OMAEEC (Americas) Ana  Elena  Ogarrio  de  Reyes  Retana  [Mexico]  Responsible  for  Human
Rights Kumiko Oshima Japan] Delegate for Asia Olga  Rome[USA] Delegate to North America and  Liaison  withHospitality
Sr Mary Brennan RSCJ [Australia] Archivist: Maria Franca Migone Calvi [Italy]
Delegate to UMOFC/WUCWO: Camille Farrell [Australia] Delegate for Hospitality: Susanna M. Lane [USA]
Ad Hoe Committee: Jacqueline Klomp-Verhoeven [Netherlands] Josephine Heesh [Australia] and
Susie Puckeridge [Australia]
1998 President attends alumnae reunion in Wellington, New Zealand
President meets Indian alumnae and RSCJ in Mumbai, India en route to attending the OMAEEC Congress in Lisbon, Portugal, joined by Dominique, Ana Drisaldi, Fedi Rossi and young Italian Alumnae/ i.
President visits Alumnae and Schools in Madrid, Seville, Granada and Barcelona and attends planning meeting for Bicentennial Celebrations in Brussels in Majorca. President visits Alumnae in London
AMASC represented at WUCWO Executive Meeting in Paris by Camille Farrell to discuss setting up a WUCWO Foundation
1999  AMASC  Website comes on line  <> in  three languages (French, Spanish and English) - Josephine Barcelon, editor
President visits Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil then is joined by Vice President Vickie Greig and continues to Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela.
From Puerto Rico President continues on to Canada to deliver address for the 150th Celebration of the Society in Nova Scotia. President also visits Montreal and Vancouver in Canada and Chicago and Seattle in the USA
President conducts a major survey of National Presidents on the focus of their Associations, their goals and their relationships  with  the  Society  of  the Sacred Heart
AMASC represented at WUCWO Board Meeting in Senegal by Camille and proposes WUCWO support the petition for the relief of debt in third world countries. It was supported, signed and submitted signatures to GS meeting in Cologne in July.
2000 In May AMASC Presidency Meeting in Sydney, with meeting of Asian Presidents (India, Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia)
In July, President is invited to attend the General Chapter of the Society in Amiens, France and delivers a paper on AMASC and relationship to the Society. En route back to Sydney, revisits alumnae in London, Dublin and Cairo, Egypt
In September, AMASC Constitution is ratified by Belgian Crown and becomes effective. AMASC is recognised as a legal identity and NGO
In October, the President visits the alumnae in Poland, Hungary, Malta, Paris and Scotland en route to the European Bicentennial Celebration Conference in Brussels, Belgium, organised by the European Associations led by Kathleen Dor.
2001 In March, President visits Schools, RSCJs and Alumnae of Taiwan, Korea & Japan.
WUCWO General Assembly in Rome is attended by Camille Farrell, Jacqui Ingram and Fedi Rossi Germani. Camille is reelected to the Board.
In April, President visits the Cuban alumnae and RSCJ in Havana, Cuba, and in Miami, USA before attending the AASH Conference in San Francisco with Alex Femon, AMASC Study Plan Co-Ordinator.
In August, Ad Hoe Committee submits new By-Laws to National Presidents for comments, prior to voting them at the XII World Congress in Sydney.

Preparations for 12th AMASC Council and Congress in Sydney, Australia from 13th - 19th April, 2002.
THEME: "Matters of the Heart: Reconciling Ourselves with our World".