1958 - 2002

Foreward by
Trish Burns AM
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AMASC is linked to two other international bodies - The World Union of Catholic Women's Organsisations [WUCWO/ UMOFC] and the World Association of Ex-Students of Catholic Schools [OMAEC]

The World Union of Catholic Womens Organisations [WUCWO] is an international non-governmental organisation [NGO] founded in 1910. It unites ninety five (95) organisations of Catholic women on five continents with a membership of approximately 20 million women of diverse cultures. Each region is represented by a regional vice president on the executive committee They are Africa, Asia/ Pacific, Europe, South America and North America. The President is elected from the Board members, ratified by the Vatican. The current President is Maria Eugenia Diaz de Pfennich of Mexico who has been  the President General since 1996.

The Objectives of WUCWO/ UMOFC is to promote the presence, participation and co­ responsibility of Catholic women in society and church in order to enable them to fulfill their mission of evangqelisation and to work for human development.                    ·

WUCWO has consultative status with the following United Nations agencies • ECOSOC [New York and Geneva], • UNESCO  [Paris]  • UNICEF [New York] • FAO [Rome] • ILO [Geneva] also with the Council of Europe [Geneva] and International Catholic Organisation (ICO) recognised by the Holy See.

The goals of WUCWO are to • unite the efforts of Catholic women throughout the world to build a more • to network with other NGO's to work for human rights especially for women and girls • to influence public opinion, insisting on the right to life, the abolition of the death penalty, elimination of land mines, redistribution of wealth and to make aware the need to care for the environment. WUCWO promotes the active participation of women in the church and encourages ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.

In 2001the WUCWO Foundation was established to fund the representatives to the UN and the Council of Europe; also established the WUCWO Endowment Fund to finance the workings of the WUCWO organization.

AMASC joined WUCWO in 1966 and has been represented on the Board by Elizabeth Lovett -Dolan (President), Sabine van der Planke [Belgium], Francesca Kaucisvilli Melzi d'Eril [Italy] and Camille Farrell [Australia]

The World Organisation of Alumni and Alumnae of Catholic Education [OMAEC] was formally created on October 14, 1967 with the signing of the statutes at the Sacred Heart's Trinita dei Monti in Rome by delegates of nine international
alumni/ alumnae associations.

Its aims are • to help its members realise they have special responsibilities because of the education they have received • to promote union, exchange and collaboration among its members whilst respecting the individuality and situation of each one • to maintain on the international and national level the educative work of Catholic schools in a spirit of truth, creativity and liberty • to encourage the involvement of alumni/ alUii1nae in building today's world through active and effective participation.

OMAEEC has a working agreement with I'Office International de l'Enseignement Catholique (OIEC); it is registered iri: Rome with the Council of the Laity. OMAEEC is admitted as a member to UNESCO (Category C) and now belongs to the Centre Catholique International de Coordination at UNESCO. OMAEEC also works with FAO.

Currently AMASC is represented at OMAEEC by Dominique Archambeaud [Europe] and Marita Casabonne de Macchievelli [South & Central America]. Fedi Rossi Germani [Italy] is responsible for Young Section of OMAEEC.