1958 - 2002

Foreward by
Trish Burns AM
Congress Resolutions
Emeritae Members


There are no documents about Resolutions for: 1st World Assembly  [1958];  2nd World Assembly  [1960],  International Congress [1965] and 1st International Council [1966].

2nd AMASC International Council [1967]
Recommendations for the new Executive of the World Association of Alumna of the Sacré­ Coeur:

  1. To publish annually the reports of the National Associations
  2. To regularly publish Bulletins providing a general overview of information to provide an active link in informing and making known  the  experiences  and  the work of the National Associations of AMASC and the activities of the Society of Sacre Coeur.
  3. To define the role of the Office Bearer, either through their functions or through their linguistics regions.
  4. To study the problem of how to integrate youth in the Aluinna Associations
  5. To establish contact and collaboration with other alumna associations
  6. To favour exchanges between the young, especially between developed countries and developing countries.
  7. To study the Organisation of  Congress, regional study groups, with a proposed theme Professional development of the person; Member of the Society; Member of the Church
  8. To establish a direct line of communication and trust between the General Mother Superior and the general Assistants for reciprocal exchange of their mutual activities.
  9. To pursue the contacts established or about to be established to assure the presence of AMASC at the heart of internal organisations whether catholic or neutral, particularly on the  ecumenism plan.

The past  executive bureau  commits  itself  to forward  rapidly  all documents  of  the second international congress to all national associations.

The general Treasurer will close all accounts by 31December 1967 which will have been verified by the named Control Commission and will transfer all monies to the new account opened by the World Association.

3rd AMASC Council and Congress [1970]    (Precis of recommendations)
The Alunmae and the world today: On examining the world today, two themes stand out as being worth great attention:                          
• The problem of faith: one must aim towards a less formal, more personal and evangelic faith, a more authentic Christian one
• Cultural problem: the fundamental importance of education in all groups and the urgent need in the world today.
The Alunmae and the Society of the Sacred Heart:  
•  request more dialogue and confidence between the alunmae and the religious  
•  the alumnae offer their support.

The Alunmae and the Future:  Local Associations to be aware of common needs and assist its members to have a real commitment in the world today.

4th AMASC Council & Congress [1974]

  1. To be protagonists of the change
  2. Insure a permanent education aimed to the changes
  3. Solidarity to other countries and sensibility to their problems

6th AMASC Council [1978]

  1. Communication: create real dialogue in all subjects
  2. Fight for justice at level of causes
  3. Global education for everybody (especially for women)

7th AMASC  Council  & Congress: [1982]                        

Conscious of the strength it possesses as a community of women united in a common heritage and education, AMASC dedicates itself to promote better understanding among all peoples of our world. Be it resolved that:

  • • Since such understanding can only be accomplished with God's help, AMASC members will commit themselves to pray/ reflect daily on the necessity of peace in our world and all AMASC members will dedicate Mary 25th as a day for remembering the heritage which urges us to show forth loe in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.
    • Each national president will take the responsibility - by means of a national meeting, consulation with local associations, or by whatever process seems most advisable - to determine a specific project whereby alumnae in her country will work for peace and justice as a sign of their service to the their world.
    •National presidents and members of local associations will determine the means of communicating  this  project  to  the religious in their country and to their membership, espeeially to the young alunmae who long for involvement in causes that will directly effect their  world.
    • We are conscious of our need for on-going spiritual formation. AMASC members yearn for assistance in the development of their spiritual lives: deeper understanding of the principles of Vatican II, current theological thought, scripture study. As alumnae of the Sacred Heart and as collaborators with the Religious of the Sacred Heart in the desire to spread God's glory, we call upon the Society of the Sacred Heart to help us - in whatever way possible - to become women more fully responsive to God's presence in our lives.

8th AMASC Council & Congress: [1986] As  a result of the inter-cultural communication we have experience.d in preparing for and participating in the 8th AMASC International Council Meeting, we resolve that AMASC members, united in the effort to build a better and more humane world:                                                            ·

  1. • be concerned to reach out, in friendship and personal commitment, to the unwanted in our particular cultures.
  2. respond to the personal challenge of the Gospel in the new situations of our time, and share our faith and joy with those we meet.
  3. • seek out and encourage the contributions of members of all generations.
  4. • collaborate with the Religious of the Sacred Heart and support Christian education in the broad sense - morally, psychologically and in all appropriate practical ways.

9th AMASC Council & Congress [1990]

  • To promote education and formation with special emphasis on youth, in the personal, political, economic and ecological spheres in solidarity - human rights - civic and religious formation - personal change - struggle against consumerism.
  • To promote participation and collaboration in women's issues, especially in the construction of a new Europe and of peace.
  • Commitment to change and direction of the mass media of social  communicatin denouncing violence,  pornography,  etc.
  • To promote hospitality with emphasis on a warm reception, dialogue and exchange, improving relations within the countries themselves and working for respect of other races, especially of immigrants.
  • To insist on the organization and support of new associations and collaboation with others, creating networks which will favour - political efforts and works of international assistance to countries in conflict.
  • To promote the practice of prayer, and walk in the ways of peace.
  • l0th AMASC Council & Congress: [1994]
    The AMASC Congress, during these days of meditation, has examined the various aspects of our call to build the "city of man", through our involvement and work, in the multi-racial society, in the Church, in the ecumenical vocation, wherever this care and this urgency are felt and shared. AMASC therefore adopts the following resolutions:

    • • Our journey through life should be discerning, fearless and faithful, founded on our constant listening to the world of God, from which comes the prophetic dimension of our call and announcement.
    • • Each national association should work out a positive, tangible project, in sign and testimony of the Christian hope and joy present in each and all of us.
    • • We should all commit ourselves to follow the call to serve through education, be it in the family, school, social and political life, the Church.