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Trish Burns AM
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Emeritae Members

11th  AMASC Council & Congress [1998] No specific resolutions

AMASC Emeritus Members
In1982 , Reiko Kobori, the then AMASC World President from Japan, established "AMASC Veterans", ("Emeritus Members" in the new Constitution) for two reasons: to recognise their work for AMASC in commemorating its twentieth anniversary and to ensure their continued support as a consultative body. Therefore there was no intention of increasing their number until necessary.

The Emeritus Members as of April 2002 are:

  • Sra Maria Ignacia Areyzaga·vda de Irastorza, Spain
    Mme Yannick Balay, France
    Mrs Krystyna Capinska, Poland
    Mrs Miriam Gray, USA
    Ms Patricia Horsley, Australia
    Sra Francesca Kaucisvili Melzi d'Eril,
    Italy Mrs Reiko Kobori, Japan
    Sra Maria Luisa Largacha de Escallon, Colombla
    Mrs Elizabeth Lovatt Dolan, Ireland
    Dr Sadako Ogata, Japan
    Ms Mary Pejacsevich, Hungarian in England
    Mme Sabine Van der Plancke, Belgium

Deceased Members:

Mrs. Mary Browne, Australia
Mme Helene Esterhazy, Austria
Mme Denise Peeters Le Boulenge,
Belgium Sra. Beatriz Restrepo de Echevarria, Colombia
Mme Marguerite Nyst-Seigneur, Belgium
Sra. Filomena Luciani D'Amico, Italy

Updated list of Emeritia members as at September 2014 -